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Stereotype Theme!

So, thanks to popular demand, here's the next theme! Which stereotype do you look like?

THE SHY AND SWEET CHARACTER: This character is usually very quiet and tends to stay in the background while looking over the people they care about. They have an optimistic and generally nice disposition, and don't like fighting much. Examples: Hinata, Rin, young!Sakura

THE OUTSPOKEN LOUDMOUTH: This character tends to find a lot of enemies, simply because they almost always speak their mind, even if it's a bit more than unpleasant. They are somewhat energetic, without being obnoxiously so. Examples: Kankurou, Suigetsu, Kiba.

THE STOIC HERO: This character generally does not speak much, and often has a very cold sort of disposition. While it may seem that they don't care, that is not true at all, they just don't know how to express it. Examples: Gaara, Neji, Kakashi

THE CHEERFUL OPTIMIST: These characters tend to have the "we can do this!" attitude, and they also tend to be quite confident, even to the point of cockiness. They are very caring, and do everything they can for the people they love. Examples: Naruto, Lee, Gai

THE BROODING LONER: This character usually prefers working on their own, and can, in some cases, come off as rude and unpleasant to others. Usually there is a reason behind the way they act, such as a bad past, and they can usually be spotted thinking somewhere. Examples: Sasuke, Kimimaro, Shino

THE 'SEXY' CHARACTER: Does this really need an explanation? Usually, the sexy character is someone who exudes, well, sexuality. They tend to be cocky, sarcastic, and a little bit of a tease. Examples: Tsunade, Anko, Kurenai

THE WARMONGER: This character relishes in flaunting their powers, and will do nearly anything to get what they want. They tend to be villains, since they don't care about who they have to hurt to accomplish their goals. Examples: Zabuza, Hidan, Kisame

THE POLITICIAN: This character tends to rely on mindtricks to get what they want, and unlike the warmonger, they don't go around flaunting their abilities. They like to keep their enemies on the edge of their seats, and they enjoy seeing others succumb to their plots. Examples: Orochimaru, Kabuto, Pein

Normal rules, of course, apply.
Have the word "stereotype" in the subject line somewhere.
Have fun :)

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