suffering from caffeine underdose. (sacryde) wrote in narutomirror,
suffering from caffeine underdose.

Fangirl/fanboy Theme!

Guys, here's the next theme!! Who would be your fangirl/fanboy? :D

EDIT:: I just realized that this theme is probably a bit confusing, so basically it's like...who could you see stalking/following/obsessing over the person you're voting on (kind of like how Naruto and Lee stalk Sakura, and how Ino and Karin obsess over Sasuke, and Jiraiya is a fanboy of all girls with huge boobs, and stuff like that.) I hope that makes sense.

Community rules apply, as always.
If you have one application up already, please wait until it's been stamped before applying for this theme. Honestly, we don't take that long here, so try and be patient.
Say something about a fangirl/fanboy in your subject line, to help separate themes.
And of course, have fun. :)
Tags: !mod post, !theme, !theme;fanboy/fangirl
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