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clan theme

clan theme


put clan-a-licious as your heading btw. :3

kay the possible clans are as follows:

Kaguya clan (hidden mist; kimimaro)
Aburame Clan (hidden leaf; shino)
Akimichi Clan (hidden leaf; chouji)
Hyuuga Clan (hidden leaf; hinata and neji)
Inuzuka Clan (hidden leaf; kiba)
Nara Clan (hidden leaf; shikamaru)
Senju Clan (hidden leaf; 1st, 2nd, and 5th hokage)
Uchiha Clan (hidden leaf; sasuke, itachi, obito, madara)
Fuuma Clan/anime (rice field country; Fuuma Arashi, Fuuma Hanzaki, Fuuma Sasame, Fuuma Jigumo, Fuuma Kagerou, Fuuma Kamakiri)
Fuuma Clan/manga (hidden mist; unnamed member)
Kamizuru Clan/anime only (hidden rock; Kamizuru Jibachi, Kamizuru Kurobachi, Kamizuru Suzumebachi)
Kurama Clan/anime only (hidden leaf; Yakumo, Unkai)

and if you wana do Haku's clan thats cool too.

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