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Name: Samantha
Age: 17

Height: 170cm.
Describe your style: Most of the time, I dress up according to my mood but I like flowing/billowy fabrics, layering and clothes that are easy to move in. I would say my style is extremely romantic and somewhat boho luxe - think modern accessories with paisley/floral printed maxi dresses. Like fantasy meets folklore with a dash of sophistication. It's very hard to define my style to be honest.
Anything distinctive about your appearance: Nothing too distinctive sadly.
What do you usually carry around with you: My phone, wallet, earpiece, pencil case, a book, notebook....the usuals, nothing out of the ordinary.
5 votes: Voted on applications underneath me that needs votes - excluding the ones that have a mod note etc.
Do you have a gender preference for votes: Not exactly. Go for the best fit.
Any character you'd prefer not to get: Hinata because I know I have a similar hairstyle as her - the straight hair and bangs but I urge you to see pass that. In the event you still do see her, some reasons would be nice. Thanks :)


The one standing up.

The one in the floral dress.

In the middle.

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