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Shannaro ♠

Name: Shelby
Age: 16

Height: Almost 5"8...I hope I grow to be taller.
Describe your style: Urban, punk rock, experimental. I like daring fashions that make me stand out - acid-wash pants, leather jackets/pants/boots, long black dresses - anything that's independent and a little hardcore. I like that 'tough' look [haha].
Anything distinctive about your appearance: I have really nice hair. It's based off of Mika Nakashima's look from Nana. I love spiking it....And I have nice eyes.
What do you usually carry around with you: Not much. I don't go for the 'pocket book with accessories' look. I take my phone, headphones [the old 90s kind with the band, lol], and maybe some chapstick or something. In this way, I am low-maintenance. 
5 votes: 1 2 3 4 5
Do you have a gender preference for votes: No.
Any character you'd prefer not to get: At ninjafy I got Anko already, so maybe not her twice?

Pictures: Sorry about the quality...the first two are older, and the last one's more recent.




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