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Name: Nikki.
Age: 20.

Height: 5'8.
Describe your style: Very feminine. I love the lace, frills and ribbons. I'm usually in a form fitting yet innocent-looking ruffled top with either skinny jeans or a skirt. I favor ballet flats and tall boots. My hair is usually curled, I carry a matching purse and sometimes accessories but not too often. I dress more on the cute and conservative side but I will show some skin if wearing a skirt. I don't dress overly risque and never show cleavage. Not that I have any.
Anything distinctive about your appearance: Fair skin, doe eyes, curly dark brown hair, long legs, hour glass figure.
What do you usually carry around with you: My purse and/or cellphone just in case.
5 votes: 1 2 3 4 5
Do you have a gender preference for votes: Can I have both? If not, female.
Any character you'd prefer not to get: Nope.


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