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voice theme

ok. so the option that got the most votes was voice/video post (who do you sound like?) so. here are your options/requirements:

1. make a public entry voice post at your journal and link us to it, or you can use your computer to record it and host it on mediafire, box.net, or a similar site. at least one min and under 3.

2. if you choose to do the video post option, i recommend photobucket to host your vid. you probably don't want it out on youtube. do not embed your vid. have a direct link instead. once again, try to make your vid at least one min and no longer than 3 min.

talk about whatever. try to say a few character names though. or just narutoverse terms.

if you feel like it or need help thinking of things to talk about you can answer this survey.
1. fave character?
2. fave country?
3. OTP?
4. fave arc?
5. fave akatsuki member?
6. fave team?
7. who needs more screen time?
8. future predictions?
9. fave fight?
10. fave opening song?
11. fave shippuuden character?
12. fave bad guy?

if you don't watch the anime (like me) just vote people who you imagine them sounding like. take into conciteration their volcabulary.

the subject should include voice in it somewhere

remember to tag it as "unstamped" :)


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