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credits for stamps.

Here you can find credit for all the stamps made for themes on this community. We have a lot of people that helped us out in the past and they all deserve credit but profile it just too small for us all. This post will be edited as stamps will be made and stuff.
Important: I have been a member on this community since 2009 so if I made any mistakes and didn;t credit you when you actually made the stamps, please let me know.

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Suggestion post!

Theme Suggestions:

(old themes: credit to sacryde
Which characters name should you have?
Which character would you fight like?
Which character should be your study partner?
Which epic battle would you be seen watching?
Which non-Akatsuki antagonist do you look like?
Which Kage do you look like?
Who do you LEAST look like?
Which sensei (teacher) do you look like?
Which character would be your sensei/teacher?

New ones:
In which Naruto Game you would belong in?
In which epic battle would you appear? (ex. Sakura vs. Sasori, Shikamaru vs. Hidan etc).
Which Jinchuuriki do you resemble?
Which village would you be from?
Whose sibling do you look like?
Which character should you cosplay as?

Upcoming naruto vgames themes:
to update once i get time.

I was basically thinking if you would like to include naruto games in themes? We can have some themes related to Naruto vgames. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.
〖tales of xillia〗

let's give it another try.

WELCOME TO narutomirror!

Yes, You're not mistaken, I said narutomirror. After a year long hiatus, some of us decided to renew it so here it is. narutomirror is officially opened again. Please remember to vote and remain active. If you have any questions, you can leave us a comment here. From today on we will be working on updating themes, maybe some stamps and making stamps for those who were waiting for them for the last year. Please be patient and we promise to finish everything quickly and make you enjoy the community once again. We might post some themes once again so if you will see us spamming your flist, we apologize but it is needed.

Your new mod crew: daisyulliel, pinkified, sacryde, schmaltzyyy, silvertigerx, grimoire. Yes, 6 of us because we can.

1. You must join the community in order to post your application.
2. No flaming/insulting other members. If you do so, you might get banned from the community. Let's keep it all nice and clean.
3. Since we don't know how many people are interested in this community now, please vote on all unstamped applications before posting your own and remember to vote before posting.
4. Please remember to include at least 3 clear pictures of yourself.
5. Do NOT sheepvote. Sheepvoting is not allowed, especially since it mirror community. We believe it's not hard to come up with your own votes. We understand that sometimes or even often you simply agree with others but then provide an explanation. Everyone likes to know they they've received votes like that.
6. Please remember to BOLD your votes.
7. You can vote even after getting stamped, so please do so. Voting can be fun, and it will help other members to get stamped as well.
8. Please put "Shannaro!" in your subject so we know you read the rules.
9. Re-stamps are allowed, but please wait at least 2 weeks before reapplying.
10. Please tag your application as "!unstamped"
11. Upload the stamps you've received on your own server.
12. Remember to paste the code of an application into HTML box, not rich text one.
13. No Advertisements! unless you've been given permission from the mods.

Please remember to vote on all unstamped applications before posting your own even if regular applications asks only for 4 vote. We need to keep community active and we don;t know how many of you will be interested in applying
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From this point forth, narutomirror will be CLOSED.

No new applications will be accepted.
No current applications will be stamped.
And no one else will be able to join the community.

This has been a long time coming, but it was fun while it lasted.
Thank you, everyone, for making this community as much fun as it was.

Your mod, sacryde.

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I want you guys to know that as soon as I find a replacement, I will be stepping down as maintainer of narutomirror. I've been a shit mod recently, I know, but the reason for that is very simple: I'm just not into the fandom anymore. The manga bores me, and the anime pisses me off because of all the filler arcs when there doesn't even need to be a filler with the manga being so far ahead and all.

So I want to ask if any of you guys would be interested in taking over. I'll add you as a maintainer, send you a zip/rar file of all the stamps for the community, and even give you the list of possible themes that I have if you want. I'll help to make the transition as easy as possible; I won't just fling it onto someone recklessly. But keep in mind that I won't hand this community off to just anyone; I want it to be in good hands, meaning someone who has been at least semi-active here in the past.

I'm sorry about this, but I figure it would be better to have the community run by someone who is dedicated to it rather than me, who isn't anymore. Let me know what you guys think; comments will be screened.
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New Theme: Village.

Alright guys, the new theme will be Which Village Would You Be From?


Please leave the parts outside of the lj cut outside of the lj cut. I did it like that for a reason. And don't forget to tag your entry as unstamped. :D

Also, for those of you who were/are in the naruverse challenge community, please do not vote based only on that.

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  • sacryde

Mod Post, pretty important.

Due to the recent lack of activity around here, I want to know if you guys think it would be a good idea to put this community on Temporary Hiatus. There aren't even enough active members to add the proper number of votes needed for the current theme, and it's somewhat tiring to check the community every day when not much changes. If the community closes for now, it will be opened again once summer rolls around, because there is much less to do around then, unless I die or something. I've installed a poll, but if you guys have any specific thoughts, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Should this community go on temporary hiatus?

Doesn't matter to me.
Just close it forever.